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Space. The Final Frontier.​

​These are the voyages of the USS Marie Curie. Its continuing mission: To spread science and medical awareness where there was none before. To seek out new friends and new crewmates. To boldly fan like no fan has fanned before!

The Curie is a chapter of STARFLEET, the International Fan Association, the oldest worldwide Star Trek fan group. As an internet-based chapter,  we conduct almost all our meetings and business via various social media and emails. Because of this we've got members from all over the US (and some other countries as well), and we definitely wouldn't mind more dedicated crew, regardless of where you're physically based. If you can't make it to a local chapter's meetings or don't live near a chapter of the 'FLEET, we'll be glad to swing by and pick you up via Discord! 

As a ship, we're dedicated to a mission of science and education - we find and share information on the latest scientific and medical studies, offer tutoring via the internet in some science and medical subjects, support STEM and STEAM-promoting funds and charities, and even intend to fund a chapter scholarship in the future. We share a collective interest in not only Star Trek, but in all things science fiction based. Above all else, we encourage fellowship and excellence wherever our members are based.

Please look around, and if you like what you see, open a hailing frequency using the contact link up above. We've got a berth waiting for you!

The USS Marie Curie ship patch
Capt. Steven
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