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Meet your Command Staff!


Here you will find short biographies and pictures of the Curie's current command roster, from our CO on through the various departments, along with the occasional sassy statements from Engineering - because that's what happens when we're allowed to write things unchecked!


Commanding Officer Steven

Greetings! My name is Steven! I serve as the Commanding Officer (CO), also known as the Captain, for the U.S.S Marie Curie. As CO, I have the responsibility for acting as chairperson of the chapter. I am responsible for the general efficiency of crew by engaging with membership wherever possible, and ensuring the chapter's day-to-day functions are running as they should be. This includes, but is not limited to, communicating with the department heads to coordinate on tasks.

I was born in Washington, a region located on the Pacific coast of the North American continent of Earth.


Executive Officer/Chief Engineering Officer Meg

Nice to meetcha! My name's Meg, but they call me Squirrel. I used to think this was because I tend to hold onto all kinds of stuff, stashed away for when it might be useful, or maybe because I might be a little nuts. It turns out it's probably because once you get me into your ship's Jefferies tubes, I'm like a rodent in the walls - all over and impossible to get out!

As the XO and Curie Chief of Engineering, it's my job to keep the ship Discord running, keep the website up to date and beautiful, and to keep our various social media hubs going, as well as to keep an eye on the various projects and things we have going and ensure they're completed and reported as needed. I'm here to take care of our ship and crew as best I can - my office is always open, so feel free to drop in if you need anything!


Second Officer/Chief Operations Officer Ren

Welcome aboard the Curie. As Operations Management Officer, I am responsible for multiple services in order to make sure the ship continues to function smoothly as a cohesive unit. As such, I am also responsible for coordinating social events for the crew for morale purposes such as organized movie/series viewings and holiday gifting (to prevent any potential mutineers). Enjoy your stay, and mind the squirrel.

Ed: Engineering notes Ren is also our Second Officer and is, therefore, responsible for her non-engineering work if she or the captain are suddenly incapacitated. Say, by an emergency vacation. Good luck Ren!


Chief Tactical Officer Erica

Welcome aboard the USS Marie Curie! As Chief of Tactical, I'm responsible for the general safety and security of our crew. In STARFLEET, Tactical and Security Officers comprise of people who wish to ensure peace is kept at STARFLEET events and at our tables during cons, security is not an actual physical security force. Instead, they serve as extra bodies at the table to keep things under control for ops, who may otherwise be overwhelmed with a number of people who want to talk with someone about SFI, or they may be people posted at doors of important meetings to ensure only STARFLEET personnel are admitted. In the Curie, this is mostly done digitally on our Discord server. 


Chief Communications Officer Samantha

Greetings and welcome aboard the Marie Curie. My name is Samantha, and I serve as Chief Communications Officer on our lovely science vessel. This means I am responsible for reporting and distributing our quarterly Ship’s Log to all active members of the chapter and submitting a monthly update on important communications happenings in our main forum: our Discord server. Our Ship’s Log compiles reports from all departments as well as choice articles written by members re: sci-fi or current events with a Trekker worldview.


I’m a Long Beach, California-born Trekkie who now resides in Seattle, Washington. My earliest memory of Star Trek is watching TNG re-runs with my dad before bed as a child, and I’ve been hooked on the fandom and the franchise ever since! Looking forward to meeting you.


Chief Science Officer Jen

‘Allo! Nice to meet you! I’m Jen, the Chief Science Officer. The Science Department keeps the ship up-to-date in areas of Science and Technology; we help chart our ship’s course through stellar cartography and keep our crewmembers safe on away missions or vacations to Risa (or wherever else they may be headed) by monitoring the terrestrial weather scanners. If you want to strike up a discussion comparing Borg Assimilation, Android and AI technology, chat about modern day space exploration or get ideas for a kid’s science fair project, please come on by!


I’ve lived in Washington State long enough to be a permanent resident of the state, but I moved around a lot when I was younger, having spent the early years of my life on the opposite coast.

Ed: To contact the Science Department directly, please use their email address 


Chief Medical Officer Brady

Howdy! My name is Brady and I’m Chief Medical Officer of the USS Marie Curie. My job and my goal is to focus on the health, morale, and general well-being of the crew. I also try to keep everyone informed with objective updates in the fields of health and medicine. 

This post is a special one for me, as I was part of the founding crew for the Curie. The other officers realized I was lost in a trance in a remote part of the ship just doing paperwork. They found me and put me back to work!


Ship's Counsellor Niamh

nuqneH! I am Niamh. As Ship’s Counselor, it is my responsibility to support the onboarding of new crew members, ensuring they feel welcome, and signposting organisational support and information.

I’m a science fiction writer and game developer, serving proudly from the European deck of the ship. I became a member of STARFLEET in 2019. Since joining the USS Marie Curie I have found a digital home, and made some wonderful friends.


Ship's Librarian/JAG Officer Stephen

Jolan Tru and welcome aboard the Marie Curie. My name is Stephen, and I'm proud to serve as Ship's Librarian and Judge Advocate General Officer on our ship.


The Ship's Librarian is the record keeper of the USS Curie. I am responsible for maintaining accurate and detailed records of official chapter meetings and votes. As the Judge Advocate General Officer, I am the ship’s “legal expert” when it comes to matters of STARFLEET and ship policy and procedures and repository for official STARFLEET rules and rulings. I also keep our crew informed of changes to the members handbook and can be called upon for knowledge of STARFLEET or ship-specific rules and regulations as needed.


I've been a Star Trek fan since the age of 5 watching Captain Kirk fighting the Mugato and I'm lucky to live in one of the most beautiful harbour cities in the world Wellington, New Zealand. I look forward to meeting you!

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