Meet your Command Staff!

Here you will find short biographies and pictures of the Curie's current command roster, from our CO on through the various departments, along with the occasional sassy statements from Engineering - because that's what happens when we're allowed to write things unchecked!

Commanding Officer Michael

Michael has been a member of STARFLEET for over 20 years. He has served in many different positions in both STARFLEET and the SFMC over the years. He is a fan of many different Science Fiction genres and an avid reader of Sci-Fi and fantasy. He is also an amateur astronomer who is currently head of STARFLEET Science's Department of Stellar Cartography. When not looking at the stars, he is often involved in table top miniature gaming.

Ed: While Engineering is not entirely sure why the Captain has elected to go with third person narrative, it works. He did forget to mention, though, that he's an avid fan of all things Academy!

Executive Officer Steven

Greetings! My name is Steven! I serve as the Executive Officer (XO), also known as First Officer, for the U.S.S Marie Curie. As XO, I have the responsibility for acting as vice chairperson of the chapter and the CO's right hand. I am responsible for the general efficiency of crew by engaging with membership wherever possible, and ensuring the chapter's day-to-day functions are running as they should be. This includes, but is not limited to, communicating with the department heads to coordinate on tasks as assigned by the CO. Additionally, I am also responsible for filling in for the Captain in any duties which the Captain cannot perform by themselves.

I was born in Washington, a region located on the Pacific coast of the North American continent of Earth.

Ed: On top of being XO, Steven is also our Chief Science Officer, the head of our ship's MACO unit and is currently our acting Chief Tactical Officer to boot! Feel free to ask him about his many hats!

Chief of Operations Ren

Welcome aboard the Curie. As Operations Management Officer, I am responsible for multiple services in order to make sure the ship continues to function smoothly as a cohesive unit. As such, I am also responsible for coordinating social events for the crew for morale purposes such as organized movie/series viewings and holiday gifting (to prevent any potential mutineers). Enjoy your stay, and mind the squirrel.

Ed: Engineering apologizes for the lack of an actual crew portrait for COO Ren. Turns out they're so busy, it's difficult to get them to hold still long enough to take one. In place of said photo, please enjoy this cartoon of Miles O'Brien.

Chief Medical Officer T’Alen (Heidi)

Hi, I'm T’Alen of Vulcan. I was born and raised on earth by Vulcan diplomat parents and so I am better known by my earth name, Heidi. I'm the CMO of the Curie and I keep the crew updated about news articles in science and medicine. I also send out birthday cards and flu shot reminders.

Pictured here with me is our ship's morale officer, Lachlan. He used to be a helmsman, hence the gold uniform. 

Chief of Engineering Meg (aka Squirrels)

Nice to meetcha! My name's Meg, but they call me Squirrels. I used to think this was because I tend to hold onto all kinds of stuff, stashed away for when it might be useful, or maybe because I might be a little nuts. It turns out it's probably because once you get me into your ship's Jefferies tubes, I'm like a rodent in the walls - all over and impossible to get out!

As the Curie Chief of Engineering, it's my job to keep the ship Discord running, keep the website up to date and beautiful, and to keep our various social media hubs going. I'm here to take care of our ship and crew as best I can - my office is always open, so feel free to drop in if you need anything!

Chief of Communications Brian

Howdy, I’m Brian and I’m the guy who volunteered to run the comms department. I’m a professional cartographer and an avid fan of science and sci-fi. I’m also an amateur astronomer and do narrowband astrophotography from the middle of Houston’s overwhelming light dome. Traveling to places I used to read about in National Geographic as a child is also a passion of mine. McMurdo Station tops my Bucket list.

As COC, I’ll be assembling reports from our Chiefs, plus news from Region 1 and SFI in general and assembling them into a newsletter for the chapter. There’s also a bunch of fun Trek and non-Trek content we can play around with for added flavor


Ed: It turns out our CoC is more often behind a camera than in front of one, so we don't have a picture of Brian available. Until we do, enjoy this image of MST3K's Cambot in his place!

If you want to help our CoC with suggestions or submissions for the newsletter, please pop over to the documents page and drop him a line - his email is linked there.

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