Yup, you read that right! Starting Saturday, October 22nd, members of our crew are boldly going into the dungeon to get that loot! This should be a good time for everyone, no doubt!

If you're considering playing as well or maybe even just want to see what the game's all about, talk to Lt Samantha in the Discord - she'll be leading our adventures and mayhem and she's more than happy to take players both new and old along for the ride!



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Annual elections were held during the month of November in our Discord, and it looks like Captain Steven is continuing his reign in the big chair for another year! Congrats, Captain!

PROMOTIONS: None this period. ACTIVITIES : Discord Chats, Online Gatherings, event planning, and holiday events. COMMENTS : Greetings from the Curie! I am excited to report our activities for the mont

PROMOTIONS: None this period. COMMENTS : Continued with routine interactions this month. The crew is doing well and is keeping touch as much as possible. There is nothing significant to report outside