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MSR - April 2023

ACTIVITIES : Approximate 1,074 separate posts were made on Discord between 04/01/2023 and 05/01/2023. Department activities are listed below in the comments. Time spent working on Corps of Engineering Auxiliary projects this month: 12 Hrs Meeting hours: 0.30 Hrs — Lt. Stephen

COMMENTS : April was an active month for the Curie. Here are some highlights of our activities: Several crew members reported on their shore leave to Risa, as well as celebrating First Contact day!

We’ve been caught up on the latest brought it us by STARFLEET News Service, and discussing these items amongst members. There’s plans in the works to bring back the “Where’s Curie” articles to our chapter and website, as well as perhaps having a Poker Night! (Wonder what holograms we will program to play with us?) There’s interest to check out “Phasers on Stun!” and see what we think. Also, Independent bookstore day is coming up – and there is discussion to see if we can support local indie bookstores and build up a Trek library! Our Marine Strike Group has newfound momentum in the SFMC and crew members are blazing through SFMC Academy Coursework. After several ties, they decided on “Reign of Fire” as a motto with the slogan “Air Radium!”

Department Highlights:

Science and Medicine:

Articles Shared: How to reduce environmental imprint on our next virtual meeting.

NASA’s new Vasimr Plasma Engine could reach Mars in less than 6 weeks

Microplastics found entering the brain hours after ingestion

BMI is a flawed measure of obesity, what are alternatives?

Discussion about SpaceX rocket explosion after launch, microplastics affecting the planet

Stellar Cartography:

Weekly sky-at-a-glance report from Sky and Telescope

Link to the Ningaloo Total Solar Eclipse coverage from Slooh

Definitions of terminology, images of the eclipse and other relevant information posted during the livestream, screenshared in Ten-Forward

Articles shared: European Space Agency’s first dedicated mission to Jupiter launched from Guiana Space Center in French Guiana

SpaceX scrubbed first space launch of Starship Rocket

Engineering has been hard at work with new emojis and logos

Communications department released another awesome newsletter with a spotlight on our new Petfleet members

The month of May will see many positive things coming back to the Curie. Stay tuned as we continue to explore strange new worlds and boldly go where no one has gone before!


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