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MSR - August 2020


Jen to Ensign

Samantha to Ensign

Patrick to Midshipman

Andrew to Midshipman


Virtual Running Event and Fitness Club, Group Discussions, Supporting Members in Need, and our Ship’s Book Club. Ship’s July Recruiting Drive, Joint Chapter activities with Sistership USS Versailles and USS Destiny.  Supporting Members in Need, Banking Research, Science activities (Stargazing and Weather Observations).


As we close out the month of August, we look back on one of our most active month's in recent chapter history. To start, we exceeded our August recruiting goal by 2, having recruited 5, for a total of 22 members. Officially, we have more than doubled our membership in less than six months.

As stated in our July MSR,  We’ve rolled out our ”Where in the Galaxy is the USS Curie” program and it is has been a hit. This forms one of our primary facets for Science Education Outreach with a fun Star Trek twist. Currently the program is covering the Solar System.

We have had some change over in the senior staff, having just newly appointed and lateraled Science, Medical, Communications Department Heads. The new officers are as follows: CMDR James is our new Chief Medical Officer, LCDR Brian  is our new Chief Science Officer, and Ensign Samantha Lyons as Chief of Communications.

All of the ship’s Departments have been hard at work developing new programs that have been discussed in previous MSRs.

To recap, our Operations Department is putting the final touches on our nee watch party series called “The Viewscreen”. This watch party series will cover Star Trek episodes by theme, rather than order, so that members who miss party nights can jumped in later with out the need to catch up. Operations will also be picking up our financial audit mission as soon as guidance on banking has been approved by the membership.  Science Department has been ramping up with posting links and articles related to both Astronomy and Weather. This has been particularly helpful as we had members living in Hurricane affected areas. The Tactical Department has been sharing articles that are contributing to crew safety and protection. Additionally, an interest in SFMC was presented and we are now standing up the 506th Marine Strike Group. Engineering has been hard at work as always, as they are  most comfortable in the Jeffries tubes, and all the department's accomplishments are too numerous to list all in here. To name a few, there has been constant improvements made to our Discord and websites, allowing our members to interact on level that is unmatched. Our Communications Department is hard at work on our brand new newsletter and anticipate  the Fall Issue to be published in October.

Our Ship's Book Club is continuing to read Star Trek Legacies 'Captain to Captain' by Greg Cox. Sometimes the book clubs has off days, but all in all this has been an active program that continues to improve.

While we did not accomplish a joint meeting this month, have  actively interacted on personal level with our sister ship’s (USS Versailles and USS Destiny).

This month has been busy and members have been very active in our Discord chats on a daily basis. Our morale is high, despite what is going on in the world. The future is bright for this chapter, and the best is yet to come.

Live Long and Prosper.

(Note: If there are omissions, it is not intentional. Any which are found will be identified and forwarded in a subsequent report  if necessary.)


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