MSR - December 2021


ACTIVITIES : Holidays, Watch Parties, and Secret Santa!

COMMENTS : This report will be short as December was mostly focused on Chapter Members enjoying the holidays and having fellowship. Our Operations Department put on another fun and successful Gift Exchange. It is always nice to see all the unique gifts that are exchanged. We temporarily suspended Chapter Watch Parties until January. Schedule conflicts have made it difficult to get everyone together. Hopefully we will get some more interest after the holiday season. One of crew members, ENS Stephen, designed a new combadge for our ship! I am excited for its debut in 2022! At the end of November, I was. We continue to explore strange new things as we begin a new year, thankful that 2021 is behind us. Hopeful for improvements in this coming year in regards to the Pandemic. Until next time, Live Long and Prosper.


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