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MSR - March 2021

PROMOTIONS: Several, mostly to catch us up with new ship regulations that state all Command Staff will be automatically promoted to LT if they do not already hold said rank.

ACTIVITIES: Book club, watch parties, comic book discussions, voting on proposals.

COMMENTS: The Curie is holding strong as a Chapter, despite the absence of a few members due to work and family obligations. While March was a relatively quiet month in terms of activities, there was a strong presence in our Discord channels among the membership. We are continuing to see great things develop in our chapter and I suspect, as we head into the spring/summer, we will see activities pick back up. I will be sending a more detailed report as I bring myself back into the fold and have time to review information in depth. Live Long and Prosper!


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ACTIVITIES : Approximate 1,074 separate posts were made on Discord between 04/01/2023 and 05/01/2023. Department activities are listed below in the comments. Time spent working on Corps of Engineerin

ACTIVITIES : Happy April! Curie Is doing extremely well! Nothing significant to report beyond last months report. Details will be forthcoming as time permits. Thank You. (ed: supplemental report will

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