MSR - March 2021

PROMOTIONS: Several, mostly to catch us up with new ship regulations that state all Command Staff will be automatically promoted to LT if they do not already hold said rank.

ACTIVITIES: Book club, watch parties, comic book discussions, voting on proposals.

COMMENTS: The Curie is holding strong as a Chapter, despite the absence of a few members due to work and family obligations. While March was a relatively quiet month in terms of activities, there was a strong presence in our Discord channels among the membership. We are continuing to see great things develop in our chapter and I suspect, as we head into the spring/summer, we will see activities pick back up. I will be sending a more detailed report as I bring myself back into the fold and have time to review information in depth. Live Long and Prosper!


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Annual elections were held during the month of November in our Discord, and it looks like Captain Steven is continuing his reign in the big chair for another year! Congrats, Captain!

PROMOTIONS: None this period. ACTIVITIES : Discord Chats, Online Gatherings, event planning, and holiday events. COMMENTS : Greetings from the Curie! I am excited to report our activities for the mont

Yup, you read that right! Starting Saturday, October 22nd, members of our crew are boldly going into the dungeon to get that loot! This should be a good time for everyone, no doubt! If you're consider