MSR - February 2021

PROMOTIONS: None this period.

ACTIVITIES: Book club, watch parties, comic book discussions, voting on proposals.

COMMENTS: Quiet but busy this month, with general upkeep within the chapter continuing as voting completed on a chapter resolution to grant promotions to people who take command staff jobs. New members are taking their academy courses and beginning to work into the ranks, our book club continues to meet under the leadership of Erica, Bryan continues with his comic book chats, and we had a scare with the power outages that hit Texas this month which affected a number of our members. Fortunately everyone stayed in contact and came out the other side alright, and we're looking forward to a good March! LLAP!


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MSR - September 2021

PROMOTIONS : None this period. ACTIVITIES : Watch parties, Friday Free 4 All show and movie viewings, book discussions, The Pull List listening parties, general chapter business, ship plaque and badge