MSR - February 2022

PROMOTIONS: None this period.

ACTIVITIES : General discussions and comradery. Science, weather, and star watching news shared among crew.

COMMENTS : We’re currently reviewing our ship’s handbook and policies. We will be publishing new Discord server moderation guidance for the crew. Aside from that, business as usual. Lot’s of plans and activities in the works. The crew is I’m good spirits! Live Long and Prosper!


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Our Chief Communications Officer, Sam, is AFK dealing with some real life things from June until September this year. It's nothing to worry over, Sam is just fine, but it does mean she can't do newsle

ACTIVITIES : ‘Live in Ten Forward’ online gatherings, Discord Chats. COMMENTS : This month we had a few crew members that were out due to real-life stuff. However, many of our crew stayed connected in

ACTIVITIES : Greetings! Just checking in from the Curie. We’ve had a somewhat slow month, but, not with lout a few events and fellowship. Our Book Club has resumed meeting again. Though, we are findin