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MSR - July 2020


Bianca to Ensign

Bryan to Ensign

Jen to Midshipman

ACTIVITIES : Virtual Running Event and Fitness Club, Group Discussions, Supporting Members in Need, and our Ship’s Book Club. Ship’s July Recruiting Drive, Joint Chapter activities with Sisterships USS Versailles and USS Destiny.  Supporting Members in Need, Banking Research, and order of first run of chapter patches.

COMMENTS : Greetings! In the month of July, we found ourselves ramping up back to lots of activities. We resumed our Ship's Book Club, and they are currently on Chapter 8 of Star Trek Legacies 'Captain to Captian' by Greg Cox. The discussion was the best yet! Our crew has been posting about their physical fitness ventures and it looks promising. We hope to be able to have a few

the fun run certificates and awards to hand out by September. We decided it was necessary to disband our MACO unit. The decision was made based on the member's availability for additional tasks versus other SFI commitments. If there is a viable interest in SFMC/MACO in the future, it will be considered. Our ship’s Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations Group is growing to include our the diversity groups, our Chief Tactical Officer Ensign Erica is taking the lead in that ramp up. We continue to lead the way in having a chapter that is accepting of all who wish to be here. We created some new Chapter Awards which include Member of the Year, Cadet of the Year, Department of the Year, Captain’s Commendation, and Chapter Honorary Membership. Criteria and award certificates/medals are being worked out this month. We’ve rolled out our ”Where in the Galaxy is the USS Curie” project. This will be an educational project where we publish information about different parts of the galaxy (both fictional and real). Curie will warp to each location twice a month as we journey to boldly go and explore star age new worlds. All of this will be on Discord for the most part. The Chief Engineer also created a new channel in Discord called ”Neelix’s Kitchen” with a virtual replicator. This has been a fun activity because we get to see the culinary talents of our shipmates and see fun replicator recipes. We have been actively interacting with our sister ship’s (USS Versailles and USS Destiny) and look forward to holding more joint chapter meetings/activities in August. We continue to be successful in recruiting and have welcomed another member of the crew, Midshipmen Jen. Since becoming CO we have increased our numbers by 7 members. Our goal for August is to reach 20 total members, an attainable goal if we stay on top of it. We are actively seeking banking options for our chapter, and the XO and I have come with a viable solution. Once we have implemented our banking plan, we intend to move forward with purchasing more stickers, patches, mugs, and other items we need for the chapter. Thanks to our sister ship, USS Versailles, we may have found a vendor to begin producing our first set of patches. In addition, we will be ordering sister ship patches as well. I can send images to exhibit what these look like. Last but not least, we had two crew-members complete the Officer Training Course and received a promotion to Ensign: Ensign’s Bianca and Bryan. Congratulations to both of them. Special Captain’s Commendation this month goes to Commander Meg (Curie’s XO and Chief Engineer) for all her efforts in establishing and maintaining virtual platforms and internet relay chats not only for our Ship. In addition, she has been steadfast in advancing our logistics and supply programs that are vital to maintaining morale and overall fun. As always, live long and prosper!


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