MSR - June 2021

PROMOTIONS : None this period

ACTIVITIES : Newsletter, Ship Level Awards, Fellowship, Starfleet Marines, Sciences, Book Club, and Support Activities, Pride Awareness, Juneteenth Discussions and Awareness.

COMMENTS : Greetings! June saw a lot of activity in relation to Ship’s business, awards, and fellowship. The crew has been extremely busy due to the change in status in regards to the reopening of certain states. We have had the ability to stay on top of our activities and are currently developing plans to keep things going. We will be publishing our next Newsletter in July. There are lots of great articles and information contained within it. We issued our first round of Ship Level Awards. Shout out to Ren, Jennifer, Samantha, and Erica for receiving the Commanding Officer’s Commendation. Additionally, Samantha and Jennifer received Officer and Member of the Year respectively. We also caught up on our Halloween Party Costume awards. Congratulations to all! More to follow. I will send a supplemental detailing the specifics of our activities as time permits. Curie is doing great things! Live Long and Prosper!


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PROMOTIONS : Stephen was promoted to Lieutenant ACTIVITIES: Book Club, Main Viewscreen (Watch Party Planning), Ten Forward Live Chat, Table Top Gaming, Membership Handbook/ Discord Server Moderator Ru

PROMOTIONS: None this period. ACTIVITIES : General discussions and comradery. Science, weather, and star watching news shared among crew. COMMENTS : We’re currently reviewing our ship’s handbook and

PROMOTIONS : None this period. ACTIVITIES : Work on an official chapter badge completed by Ens. Stephen, watch parties, newsletter publication, general discussions and comradery. Also some weather and