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MSR - June 2022

PROMOTIONS: None this period.

ACTIVITIES : Discord Chats, Online Gatherings.

COMMENTS : Our chapter stayed connected through our Discord server this month. Lots of chats and fellowship with our more active members. Kudos to LT. Stephen for creating the USS Marie Curie 'Quote of the week' AKA the Morn award, for our Discord channel. This is a informal award, meant to highlight unique quotes and boost morale in the chapter. Happy Pride and Long Live and Prosper!


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It's time for us to gear up again, the Curie is taking a run at another campaign for Extra Life! We're here to have fun and help some kids! If you want to add to our donations or even just support us

ACTIVITIES : Approximate 1,074 separate posts were made on Discord between 04/01/2023 and 05/01/2023. Department activities are listed below in the comments. Time spent working on Corps of Engineerin

ACTIVITIES : Happy April! Curie Is doing extremely well! Nothing significant to report beyond last months report. Details will be forthcoming as time permits. Thank You. (ed: supplemental report will

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