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MSR - March 2022

PROMOTIONS : Stephen was promoted to Lieutenant

ACTIVITIES: Book Club, Main Viewscreen (Watch Party Planning), Ten Forward Live Chat, Table Top Gaming, Membership Handbook/ Discord Server Moderator Rules Updates, Trello Project Management for Ship’s Activities, Star Trek: Picard & Discovery Episode Discussions, St. Patrick's Day Festive Logo, April Fools Day Jokes, Science & Medical discussions, Academy Activities. General Fellowship.

COMMENTS: March saw an increase in overall activity for the chapter! The Chief Communications Officer designed a ship’s logo to reflect St. Patrick's Day. They also sent out a Ship’s Supplemental Log for the crew! The chapter has started a Tabletop Gaming Channel in our discord to start hosting future games such as Dungeons and Dragons! I went ahead and had a live voice chat event in our Ten-Forward to interact with crew-members. It was successful despite being short notice, and I hope to get more people together for this kind of fellowship in the future! The Chief Operations Officer went ahead and made adjustments to our Membership Handbook to reflect membership changes. We also introduced Server Rules and Guidelines of Conduct for our Discord server. This will greatly assist our Alpha, Beta, and Gama shift moderators in making sure our community remains and awesome place to be. Operations is planning to resume our Main Viewscreen watch party series in the coming weeks, we’re looking at increasing our members participation in this series. Our Chapter Book Club is also planning to resume on April 10th! The book will be Star Trek: The Next Generation ‘Q&A’. The Engineering Department has been hard at work keeping all of our servers and websites working at peak efficiency! If you’re ever trying to find the Chief Engineer, best to start looking in one of our Jeffries Tubes. One of our new members volunteered to become our Librarian/JAG Officer! They already seem hard at work on improving the records keeping for the Chapter! The Science Department has been doing well keeping everyone informed of relevant Scientific news and is looking at planning some scientific missions for the Chapter Membership. All this and much more! The crew of the Marie Curie is the best that any Chapter Commanding Officer could ever hope for! We continue to explore this strange new world together as a community! Until next month, Live Long and Prosper!


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