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MSR - May 2020

PROMOTIONS : None for the month of May.

ACTIVITIES : May Activities: Ship’s Virtual Running Event and Fitness Club, Group Discussions, May Recruiting Drive, Joint Chapter Meeting with Sistership USS Versailles, Supporting Members in Need, Book Club, and Creation of Ship’s Stickers.

COMMENTS : We close yet another successful and eventful month for the Curie!

We started the month by holding our second monthly recruiting drive which was successful in getting new members.

The ship’s Members and Command Staff approved a revised version of our Members Handbook. It was an extensive undertaking and there was a great discussion on the matter. I wish to mention the Executive Officer, Chief of Operations, and Librarian/JAG Officer for their work on the handbook.

The Executive Officer set up the Discord server for Region 5 and has been working on a user manual for the region so everyone knows how discord works. I also joined the Region Command Staff as Chief of Operations.

We started the “Trouble with Tribbles” Virtual Run Event, where members will have the opportunity to run or walk 1M, 5K, 10K, 13.1, 26.2. Form their location. Upon completion and verification of the event, members will receive a custom certificate and have the option of purchasing a medal. This event will go from May 12- September 22nd. It should be noted that this event has sparked an interest in our “Body by Starfleet” channel, which has shown members to be increasing physical fitness activity.

On May 17th, we held our first Joint Chapter Meeting with our sister ship, USS Versailles. STARFLEET members from the United States, Canada, and France participated, a true International gathering of Trekkies.

We were able to receive Ship’s Logo Stickers for the first time! Special Thanks to CMDR Meg, our Executive Officer. She has begun shipping them to the members, so don't be surprised when you see the Curie’s logo all over the world!

LT Ren, our Chief Operations Officer, is continuing to work on our watch party project, and are hoping to have it up and running hopefully by next month.

At the end of the day, we are all about members and fellowship. These are difficult times that we face and we intend to be a place where we can support one another. Our morale is holding strong and we hope to continue to grow and be a place where the best of Star Trek lives! Live Long and Prosper!


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