MSR - November 2020


Mauro PROMOTED TO Midshipman

Andrew PROMOTED TO Midshipman

Joshua PROMOTED TO Midshipman

Brooke PROMOTED TO Midshipman

ACTIVITIES: USS Marie Curie Book Club, Where in the Galaxy is the USS Curie program, Main Viewscreen Watch Party Activities, Gaming, Science activities (Stargazing and Weather Observations), Newsletter, Supporting members in need, Group Discussion.

COMMENTS: The chapter's activities have slowed for the month of November due to the beginning of the Holiday Season in addition to school finals. However, we did see steady participation with two of our main activities: The Main Viewscreen watch party series and our Chapter Book Club.

The Operations Department set up our annual Gift Exchange/ Secret Santa. I have happy to report that we were able to reach out to our shipmates aboard USS Alba to partake in a joint exchange.

I am happy to report that we held our annual elections for 2021, and I was re-elected to my position as the Chapter's Commanding Officer. This was the first official chapter election since the year 2018 and my first official elected term (having originally filled to the position due to an unexpected vacancy in April 2020.)

Now we look to the strange new world we live in and boldly go to new and incredible heights!

Until next time!

Live Long and Prosper.


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