MSR - November 2021

PROMOTIONS: None this period.

ACTIVITIES: Elections, Watch Parties, Fellowship.

COMMENTS: Greetings! We conducted our elections, and I was re-elected to serve another term. I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to continue leading this amazing group of people. Our chapter has been keeping up with normal activities and adding new members as we go. Due to current time constraints, I will not be submitting as detailed a report. I will forward a supplemental up the chain this month. As always Live Long and Prosper!


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PROMOTIONS THIS PERIOD: None. ACTIVITIES : Holidays, Watch Parties, and Secret Santa! COMMENTS : This report will be short as December was mostly focused on Chapter Members enjoying the holidays and h

PROMOTIONS : Jen to LT, Seth to LTJG ACTIVITIES : Newsletter, Ship Level Awards, Fellowship, Starfleet Marines, Sciences, Book Club, Support Activities, Fellowship, Elections, The Pull List listening

We've had a bit of a command shake up this week on the Curie, and we'd like to extend our thanks to former head of sciences Brian for his service and at the same time welcome in our brand new head of