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MSR - October 2020

PROMOTIONS : None for this reporting period.

ACTIVITIES : Halloween Party, USS Marie Curie Book Club, ”Where in the Galaxy is the USS Curie” program, “Main Viewscreen” Watch Party Activities, Gaming, Science activities (Stargazing and Weather Observations), Newsletter, Supporting members in need, Group Discussion, Virtual Running Event and Fitness Club


We close October with the accomplishment of having possibly our most active month to date.

On October 2nd, we kicked off our new ‘Main Viewscreen’ watch party series. The series allows the crew to come together and discuss more episodes of Star Trek as a group. Episodes are selected and viewed throughout the week based on a list of curated episodes or special requests as made by the crew. The hours of participation, both for the Operations Department’s work and viewers from the crew, place us well over 100 hours so far. I want to commend the Engineering and Operations Staff for their hard work and dedication in furthering this project.

We created a new channel on October 11th in our Discord called ‘USS Marie Curie IDIC’, the purpose being to create a place for members of the crew who are part of the LGBT community (and their allies) to celebrate and promote LGBT topics. We’re pleased to see a large turnout of members in the channel. As a Chapter, we intend to continue leading the way forward in celebrating diversity among people.

On the 15th, we published the first Chapter Newsletter! The hard work and dedication of our Communications Department, particularly the Chief Communications Officer, really paid off. The title is ‘Ships Log’ and included special features in this newsletter such as Star Trek commentary on the COVID pandemic, Fall Astronomy Observation Targets and Observations, and Department Reports from the command staff. I look forward to seeing the next issue coming in the winter.

October 17th, the Chapter Book Club started a new book: ‘Star Trek Legacies: Best Defense’ written by David Mack. The book club has remained consistent and strong other the past couple months. I wouldn’t be surprised if they read 10 more books by this time next year. The discussions are very in-depth and show how much our book club personnel love reading. My compliments to the Chief Tactical Officer for her efforts in this venture.

We ended the month with our 2020 Halloween Costume and Watch Party. Co-sponsored by the Ops and Comms departments, this event included a virtual costume party and all-day Spooky Star Trek themed watch party. We had amazing turnout and all-around fun for everyone!

A note on the department activities: I want to highlight the hard work and dedication of each of our ship’s departments. Their work has contributed greatly to the successes of our programs and the safety of our crew. Without their efforts, we would NOT be where we are today. Chapter business is conducted on a semi daily basis as we continue to discuss improvements and changes, particularly related to finance and promotions. We plan to have another great month in November as we enter into the holiday season. Of the events planned they will include joint chapter activities, recruiting drives, fiction writing, voice and video hangouts, gift exchanges, and much more.

Until next time!

Live Long and Prosper.


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