MSR - October 2021

PROMOTIONS : Jen to LT, Seth to LTJG

ACTIVITIES : Newsletter, Ship Level Awards, Fellowship, Starfleet Marines, Sciences, Book Club, Support Activities, Fellowship, Elections, The Pull List listening parties, general chapter business, ship plaque and badge design work.

COMMENTS : The Curie had a great month! I want to take the time to thank the entire Crew for stepping-up and keeping things going while I was absent tending to family business. The crew has remained very active in our Discord, and activities are beginning to increase again! We appointed a new Chief and Deputy Science Officer as well as a new Deputy Operations Officer. Congratulations to those members! We have resumed Watch Parties again, and there was quite a turn-out. We have started our election process for Commanding Officer, always an exciting time! I look forward to having a lively next few month and reporting even more activities to come! Live Long and Prosper! ( If I find that details of our activities are missing from this report, I will send a subsequent report as soon as possible.)


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PROMOTIONS : Stephen was promoted to Lieutenant ACTIVITIES: Book Club, Main Viewscreen (Watch Party Planning), Ten Forward Live Chat, Table Top Gaming, Membership Handbook/ Discord Server Moderator Ru

PROMOTIONS: None this period. ACTIVITIES : General discussions and comradery. Science, weather, and star watching news shared among crew. COMMENTS : We’re currently reviewing our ship’s handbook and

PROMOTIONS : None this period. ACTIVITIES : Work on an official chapter badge completed by Ens. Stephen, watch parties, newsletter publication, general discussions and comradery. Also some weather and