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MSR - October 2022

PROMOTIONS: None this period.

ACTIVITIES : Discord Chats, Online Gatherings, event planning, and holiday events.

COMMENTS : Greetings from the Curie! I am excited to report our activities for the month of October! While some of our members have been tied up with challenges in their personal lives, the crew was still able to pull together for events and fellowship! Starting off with some event planning, we are currently in the process of getting ready for our annual Secret Santa coming in December. Starting early is important as we have members all over the world! It is possible that one of our shipmates MAY receive a gift from as far as New Zealand! How cool is that?! As stated back in August, The Chapter entered a fundraiser to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Extra Life is a fundraising program of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®. The Extra Life community fundraises year-round to Change Kids’ Health to Change the Future. Donations go to member children’s hospitals to fund critical life-saving treatments and healthcare services, along with innovative research, vital pediatric medical equipment, and child life services. This event will be coming on November 5th on Twitch! Our crew has been tracking the upcoming STARFLEET elections and news service. The conversations have been very informative and enlightening. We’re all very interested to see the results and how the organization will continue to move forward. The Chapter held it’s first Dungeons and Dragons event and it was very successful! I have been told that it was really fun and I am hopeful that we can get more participants in the future! For Halloween, the Chapter held our 2022 Halloween Costume Contest and Spooky Trek Streaming Event. Lots of great costumes! ‘Till next time, Live Long and Prosper!


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