MSR - September 2021

PROMOTIONS : None this period.

ACTIVITIES : Watch parties, Friday Free 4 All show and movie viewings, book discussions, The Pull List listening parties, general chapter business, ship plaque and badge design work.

COMMENTS : Crew has been very active this month, plenty of events going on in our Discord! We've had Stephen working hard on plaque and badge design for us, Erica doing watch parties and day-long TV and movie broadcasts, Bryan hosting his weekly comic book radio show (which crew does try to attend!), and plenty of lively discussion about all sorts of topics. Hoping to see this continue, it's been wonderful logging in to a ton of new messages and activities!


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PROMOTIONS : Stephen was promoted to Lieutenant ACTIVITIES: Book Club, Main Viewscreen (Watch Party Planning), Ten Forward Live Chat, Table Top Gaming, Membership Handbook/ Discord Server Moderator Ru

PROMOTIONS: None this period. ACTIVITIES : General discussions and comradery. Science, weather, and star watching news shared among crew. COMMENTS : We’re currently reviewing our ship’s handbook and

PROMOTIONS : None this period. ACTIVITIES : Work on an official chapter badge completed by Ens. Stephen, watch parties, newsletter publication, general discussions and comradery. Also some weather and