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Marine Strike Group 518: The Dragons

Unit Motto: Reign of Fire

Unit Slogan: Air Radium!

After some deliberation among the crew, it was decided that the USS Marie Curie's occasionally dangerous scientific missions definitely warranted some heavier backup. We put in a call to SFMC HQ and managed the best thing we could have asked for - SFMC Strike Group 518, The Dragons,  has been officially assigned to the Curie!

The members of the 518 are interwoven throughout our departments, serving as both members of our standard crew compliment and as our emergency heavy muscle. We're proud to have them serving with us, and we'd be happy to welcome more of them to the crew. The 518 has a special focus in aerospace and operations related to said field, so if that strikes your fancy, we've got a berth for you!

If you would like to be a part of our SFMC Strike Group, take part in any  Curie/Strike Group 518 activities, or if you would just  like more information about the SFMC as a group, please contact the current head of the 518, Captain Steven, or visit the SFMC website directly using the links below!

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